Transportation near University of South Florida

Many students who attend the University of South Florida do not own their own car. They travel around the campus with bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or simply walk. All of these modes of transportation can get the student through the campus well enough and keep them healthy at the same time.

A mode of motorized transportation that can be utilized is the Bull Runner Shuttle. This shuttle runs all over the campus and has five different routes that a student can choose from to meet their needs. The shuttle runs all day and into the night Monday through Thursday and all day on Fridays. On the weekends, it runs in the afternoon and through the night. All of the routes may be found on the Bull Runner Shuttle’s web site, along with rules and guidelines for riding the shuttle. This shuttle does not leave the university’s campus and therefore is not a viable option if the student needs to leave campus.

However when the student is trying to get to another city or place in Florida, they will need another mode of transportation. In that situation, using the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit or HARTline is an option. This is the city bus and even has the option of a van service which offers a pick up and drop off service which may cost a bit more than the bus. There may be special deals for students who ride the bus, as in discounted fares. The bus offers nearly 90 routes that will take a person anywhere that they need to go. The bus runs early in the morning to late at night. This is especially helpful for the student who lives off campus.

When all else fails, calling a taxicab is a great way to get around the University of South Florida. There are many companies that offer their services and their information can be found in the yellow pages or on the Internet.

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